What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

“Cosmetic Dentistry” covers a wide range of treatment procedures and applications. These include Dental Veneers, Tooth whitening, Crowns, Bridges, Implants (which are discussed under the menu bar heading above, or alternatively you can click the link within the text), and white fillings.

Using the latest Composite Resin technology, the old “silver” fillings have now become a thing of the past. Not only are the latest white fillings as strong as the old amalgam fillings, but are healthier and release fluoride into the tooth to prevent decay.

Using Composite resin and various techniques, one is able to build up lost tooth material without anesthesia, drilling or discomfort. The procedure is painless, completely reversible and very cost effective compared with more expensive crowns or veneers. Direct Composite fillings do have a lifespan however, since they do stain with time and are prone to chipping, therefore maintenance on a periodic basis would be necessary. Below are a few examples of what can be accomplished.