Implants & Implantology

With the advances made in this field, it is now possible to replace a missing tooth/teeth with an Implant supported Prosthesis. This method does away with the irreversible damage done to teeth when preparing bridgework.

An Example Of A Dental Implant
An Example Of A Dental Implant

It is an expensive procedure, since it involves a Surgeon placing the Implants and the cost of extremely high-tech Implant Components.
 Examples of Implants:

  • A single missing tooth can be replaced with One Implant.
  • To replace 3 missing teeth with an Implant supported Bridge, at least 2 Implants would be necessary.
  • To have Implants placed to support a Full denture, at least 3 Implants would be necessary.

Before Implants are undertaken, thorough investigation needs to be undertaken to determine the quality and quantity of bone available. A person interested in Implants would be referred to a Maxillo-Facial Surgeon to have the necessary evaluation done.

Implants are more successful in the bottom jaw, because the bone is more dense. Very often, depending on the length of time elapsed after a tooth is extracted, Bone Augmentation / Transplant is necessary to ensure sufficient Bone is available to house the Implant, especially in the Top Jaw. This obviously increases costs.

After Surgical Placement of the Implant, a waiting period of 4-6 months is necessary for the Implants to integrate into the bone, following which, a Practitioner can then restore the Implants with either a fixed Prosthesis or a removable denture.

A method of placing Implants to hold a loose fitting denture in place is extremely successful and is a life-changing procedure.