Patient Fear & Anxiety In Dentistry

On the end of every tooth is a real live human being, worthy of compassion and care!

Painless Dentistry


It is truly amazing how many people fear going to the Dentist! Not a day goes by in my Practice where there is a new patient that is struck with fear and anxiety, usually stemming from a previous traumatic experience in the dental chair.

It is my opinion that a bad experience in the dental chair sticks in the memory for a lifetime. Fortunately, ordinary Dentistry nowadays can be completely pain free. Realizing the fears and anxiety of patients, and treating people appropriately with simple patience and compassion will inevitably overcome these problems. A long term relationship built on good communication and mutual trust can be developed.

An important quip that I learnt early on in my career is to remember that “on the end of that tooth is a real live human being”. To care for the being is just as important as caring for the tooth.

It is important that children are brought to the dentist early on in life – as soon as they start to get teeth. We give them a ride in the chair, fiddle around painlessly in their mouths, building up trust and confidence until when they eventually need some Dental work, it can be done without any trauma whatsoever. I refuse to put a child through a “bad experience”, because many of us know all too well how that trauma sticks in our memory forever.